9.82 mln updated data on PADU

9.82 mln updated data on PADU

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 9.82 million out of 30.08 million Malaysians have updated data in the Central Data Hub (PADU) system as of yesterday.

According to the status on PADU official Facebook page, Selangor recorded 1.56 million individuals having updated their data with Johor (1.10 million), Perak (0.98 million), Sarawak (0.90 million), Sabah (0.83 million) and Kedah (0.76 million).

Besides that, Kelantan has 0.67 million updated with Kuala Lumpur (0.57 million), Penang (0.56 million), Pahang (0.55 million), Terengganu (0.46 million), Negeri Sembilan (0.42 million), Melaka (0.30 million), Perlis ( 0.11 million), the Federal Territory of Putrajaya (0.03 million) and Labuan (0.02 million).

Those who have not registered and updated their data are requested to do so before the PADU system closes tomorrow (March 31), either at https://www.padu.gov.my or at a nearby PADU counter.


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