We will revoke cannabis legalisation, says German opposition

We will revoke cannabis legalisation, says German opposition

BERLIN: Germany’s conservative opposition will revoke a new law legalising cannabis for personal use if they gain power, a senior spokesman said in remarks published on Saturday, reported German news agency (dpa).

“In our view, drugs policy, particularly with respect to protecting young people, is an issue of such central significance that we will revoke the legalisation of cannabis in the event we take power,“ lawmaker Thorsten Frei told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper.

The legislation allowing for adult possession in public of up to 25 grammes of cannabis for personal use, was passed by parliament over a week ago and takes effect on Monday.

Three live cannabis plants will be legal in one’s own home and up to 50 grammes of cannabis for personal use there.

“In any possible coalition talks, (the rolling back of the legislation) will be a firm standpoint for us,“ Frei, the parliamentary leader of the alliance of the Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian sister-party, the Christian Social Union, said.

Legalising the use of cannabis is not going to solve any problems, Frei said. “It’s an illusion that the law allowing cultivation for personal use will drain the black market. It’s not the case that every consumer will grow their own or join a so-called social club,“ he said.

Frei predicted that the illegal market in cannabis would persist. “If they are at all clever, drug dealers will now no longer have to fear prosecution,“ he said.

From Monday, consumption of cannabis in public will be permitted, as long the smoker is over 100 metres from facilities for young people, such as a school, among other restrictions. – Bernama, dpa


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