Create full-time boarding school warden posts, govt urged

Create full-time boarding school warden posts, govt urged

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Muslim Teachers Association has called on the Education Ministry to hire full-time wardens for all boarding schools to curb cases of bullying and reduce burden on teachers.

Its president Mohd Azizee Hasan said teachers already have academic responsibilities and doubling as wardens adds pressure on them.

“Teachers who are appointed wardens spend more than 18 hours a day on their combined duties as teachers and wardens. This is a significantly longer working day compared with teachers who are not wardens.

“Despite the long hours, they only receive RM300 as allowance each month for being wardens.”

Mohd Azizee said apart from supervising dormitories and instilling discipline, wardens also carry out various duties such as sending students to the clinic in cases of illness and medical emergencies.

He said having full-time wardens will allow them to dedicate their attention solely to the supervision and management of students residing in hostels, adding that wardens are required at schools where all students live in hostels.

“We have previously called on the ministry to hire full-time wardens in boarding schools but it is yet to be fully executed. Currently, boarding schools continue to assign teachers to the post,” he said, adding that he does not have figures for the number of teachers appointed as wardens.

Azizee said boarding school wardens have the responsibility to enforce rules and policies, implement disciplinary measures and address conflicts or cases of misconduct.

“Their schedule is extremely tight, resembling that of parents to the students. A great deal of patience is also required and often, their own families are neglected due to demands of their role as wardens.

“At the same time, wardens are (exposed) to various risks, including the possibility of being sued by parents if untoward incidents occur because they will be the first individuals people look for.”

Warden and school teacher Rahim Roshid said the job involves attending to ill students during odd hours, ensuring thefts do not happen in dormitories and being in charge of student schedules.

“It is not an easy job to manage students in school and hostels. Wardens have to be on alert for anything. The commitment often means sacrificing personal time and being constantly available to support and assist students, regardless of the official duty schedule. It is imperative for wardens to remain accessible and responsive to ensure safety and security of the dormitory residents.”

Rahim said as a warden, he has encountered situations such as students suffering sprained ankles and requiring immediate medical attention during late hours.

“Balancing academic responsibilities, curricular activities and other duties can be extremely demanding and time-consuming, so establishing a full-time warden position will benefit everyone.”


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