RM500k in suitcase claimed by businessman, says it was for loan repayment

RM500k in suitcase claimed by businessman, says it was for loan repayment

PETALING JAYA: A suitcase containing RM500,000 found in a shopping mall car park recently has been claimed by an individual stating that it was part of a loan repayment from a friend.

According to The Star, the man who lodge a report with the Selangor police stater that the cash was among two suitcases meant for the repayment purpose.

He had reportedly failed to notice the suitcase was missing until the next day as he had not loaded it into his vehicle when he drove off from the shopping mall.

“It was only when he wanted to retrieve the bags from his car the next day that he realised the suitcase had gone missing,” Selangor police chief Commissioner, Datuk Hussein Omar Khan was quoted as saying by the daily.

The man, a company director, provided his statement on March 30, clarifying the origins of the amount.

He also expected to give more further statements to the police.

Despite initial delays, the director fulfilled the police requirements by submitting his claim in Shah Alam and later detailing the loan repayment scenario at the Damansara police station at 4.30pm on Saturday.

The discovery on March 20 led to the involvement of the authorities after a security guard found the cash-laden suitcase.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Assistant Commissioner, Shahrulnizam Jaa’far @ Ismail said the investigation is still ongoing and further testimonies and evidence to prove the ownership of the funds are still necessary.

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