MyTOWNKL launch ‘Unfolding Raya Wonders’ campaign

MyTOWNKL launch ‘Unfolding Raya Wonders’ campaign

MyTOWN Shopping Centre (MyTOWNKL) invites all to step into a world where tradition meets modernisation and the timeless charm of Raya intertwines with the wonders of contemporary design, when it launched its “Unfolding Raya Wonders” campaign last week.

It describes the campaign as a “journey of discovery through a captivating pop-up greeting card concept that celebrates the essence of Hari Raya Aidilfitri tradition”.

MyTOWNKL general manager Mohd Azhan Che Mat said: “In the heart of every Raya celebration lies the spirit of togetherness, a radiant beacon that unites families, friends, and communities in joyous harmony. We believe in celebrating diversity and inclusivity, and Hari Raya is a wonderful opportunity to embrace and honour our cultural traditions.”

Festive decor

MyTOWNKL further adds that Unfolding Raya Wonders is a world where tradition thrives through memories of a pop-up greeting card. “Through sophisticated design and meticulous craftsmanship, this masterpiece brings the magic of Raya to life, capturing the essence of this festive holiday in every fold and crease.

“As the card unfolds, a breathtaking scene emerges, transporting shoppers to a world of wonder and delight. At the heart of this theme lies a finely fabricated Eternal Dome that serves as a canvas for our imagination. Embedded with LED lights, this centrepiece promises to bring the scene to life, casting a warm and inviting glow that captures the spirit of the season.”

Raya showcases

At MyTOWNKL now, a bustling marketplace comes to life, filled with the sights and sounds of Raya festivities. From traditional art crafts and musical performances to joyous gatherings, every element is carefully crafted to immerse viewers in the magic of the celebration.

Shoppers are welcomed to participate in an array of Hari Raya Aidilfitri activities and be mesmerised by special performances while shopping or dining.

The events (including schedule and location) line-up is as follows:

Mantap Food Fest (March 28 – April 7)

– Iftar Picnic, 3pm-12am, Town Park & Sunken Garden


– Bespoke Eid Postcard: All day, Central Town

– Colours of Raya: All day, Central Town

– Kuda Kepang Kid’s Workshop: 2pm, Central Town

– Mascot Appearance*: 3pm, Central Town


– Kuda Kepang*: 3.30pm, Central Town

– Dikir Fusion*: 4pm, Central Town

– Contemporary Zapin*: 4.30pm, Central Town

– Joget*: 8:30pm, Sunken Garden

UCSI Dance Studio (April 21)

– Canggung Dance Kids’ Workshop, 5.30pm, Central Town

– Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance, 6pm, Central Town

* Weekend and public holiday only.

To continue the celebration, the Ikano Centres produced a trending Raya tune “Bestnya Raya Stail Saya”, collaborated with talented Malaysian singer-songwriter and actress Aisha Retno to capture the excitement, mood and feelings of celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri according to one’s style.

The music video combined the genres of joget, city pop, neo pop and rap that represent the different styles of audiences. The music video is available to watch at all MyTOWNKL social platforms.

Redeem rewards

MyTOWNKL encourages the public to celebrate the spirit of joy and generosity through a unique tiered festive redemption programme, where shoppers are allowed to be rewarded while enjoying the festivity’s shopping spree.

– Sampul Royale (Tier 1): A season to celebrate the Classic. Immerse in the festive splendour with the gracefully-crafted Sampul Raya. Available in a set of three elegant designs, which will definitely evoke happiness and gratitude for both giver and receiver.

– Versatile Mini Pouch with Kurma (Tier 2): Indulge in luxurious premium dates in a beautifully-crafted carrier pouch, designed to complement the joyous spirit of Hari Raya while offering practicality and elegance.

– Exquisite Scarves (Tier 3): A selection of exclusive scarves made from the finest materials and vibrant colours; these scarves are the perfect accessory to complement any Hari Raya outfits in expressing a unique sense of style with confidence.

Mohd Azhan said that last year was an “extremely promising year”, as MyTOWNKL experienced an 8.3% increase in year-on-year sales growth, demonstrating robust growth and market traction through strategic initiatives and targeted marketing campaigns.

“As part of our ongoing commitment in providing a diverse and vibrant meeting place experience, we are delighted to welcome Victor by Galaxy Sports, Signature Kitchen, Famous Amos, Bask Bear Coffee and more additions to our dynamic roster of retailers in the coming months.”

In addition, MyTOWNKL is taking proactive steps to address pressing environmental challenges by collaborating with KLEAN App and TM Unifi in harnessing the collective expertise and initiating a sustainability project aimed at promoting eco-friendly practices within our community.

The collaboration represents a significant initiative in the on-going sustainability journey to inspire and empower individuals to adopt greener lifestyles.

MyTOWNKL’s Sustainable Corner is located at West Entrance, Basement 1.

Connect and follow MyTOWNKL’s digital platforms for latest updates via its website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.


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