Indonesia ranks 2nd at disaster risk worldwide

Indonesia ranks 2nd at disaster risk worldwide

JAKARTA: Indonesia currently ranks second at disaster risk in the world, said Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) on Wednesday, reported Xinhua.

“Indonesia is ranked second out of 193 countries in The World Risk Report 2023,“ said Prasinta Dewi, deputy for prevention at BNPB, at the launch of Disaster Preparedness Day 2024.

The report showed that Indonesia had a World Risk Index score of 43.5 out of 100, following the Philippines, which was at the top with a score of 46.86, Dewi added.

According to her, Indonesia is in a tropical area and is located at the meeting of two oceans and continents, making the country prone to disasters, such as floods, landslides, earthquakes and extreme weather, etc.

She invited Indonesians to participate in the Disaster Preparedness Day activities, which will be held on April 26.

Disaster Preparedness Day was initiated by BNPB in 2017 to increase public awareness of the understanding of disaster risks and life-saving skills.


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