Quill City Mall KL Raya campaign offer ‘exciting updates’, collaborations

Quill City Mall KL Raya campaign offer ‘exciting updates’, collaborations

QUILLCity Mall KL recently announced a series of “captivating updates and collaborations” for its upcoming Hari RayaAidilfitricampaign, introducing the arrival ofseveral new tenants such as Shake & Bake, Gajeto and Bungkus Kaw Kaw, providingpatrons with a selection of culinary delights options.

Additionally, visitors can lookforward to the arrival of Sen Teppanyaki that is known for its sizzling teppanyaki dishes, Top Spice specialising in Muslim-friendly dim sum Chi-Thaicuisine, the “hottest and most happening” Space Plus KL Entertainment Hub from China, and Anytime Fitness special catering to health and fitness enthusiasts.

There also will be the first and largest Sheldonet Flagship store, for enthusiastsof beloved Western and Japanese pop culture icons that will soon open at the mall in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

“From the wizarding world of Harry Potter to the mighty Thor, captivating Disneycharacters, iconic figures like Captain America and Tom & Jerry, and the legendaryheroes of DC Comics, to the famous Japanese characters such as those from JujutsuKaisen and Hello Kitty, this store provides unmatched assortment of genuinemerchandise,” the mall stated.

“It definitely is a destination where imagination meets reality, and childhooddreams come to life for adults. Whether you’re seeking to relive cherished memories ordiscover new delights, the Sheldonet Flagship store will be an unforgettable experiencefor fans of all ages.”

Rolling Raya @ Quill

However, the highlight of Quill City Mall KL’s Raya campaign lies in its collaboration with52TOYS to present the mall’s “Rolling Raya @ Quill” campaign.

This year, the mall pays homage to thepanda with Panda Roll as its central theme, resonating with Malaysians nationwide. Thetwo pandas loved by many Malaysians – Yi Yi and Sheng Yi, were returned toChina on Aug 29 last year.

With the Panda Roll theme, the campaign aims to highlightMalaysia as a second home for pandas after China, evoking nostalgia for the pandasMalaysians missed the most.

There is a “Kampung Panda Roll” in the mall offering the opportunity to visitors tocapture photos with adorable Panda Roll characters and a massive inflatable pandain the main court area.

“Each corner of the Kampung Panda Roll promises apicture perfect moment, make sure you enjoy snapping unforgettable photosamidst the delightful panda-themed surroundings.”

In addition to the captivating photo opportunities, the Kampung Panda Roll features alively play area where traditional Malaysian games come to life. There, visitors can enjoyclassic activities within the charming setting.

From friendly rounds of congkak to spiritedgames of batuseremban, the play area offers a nostalgic journey through Malaysia’sfavourite games, providing both entertainment and a deeper connection to the nation’s heritage.

It is a chance for guests to not only capture photos but also to participate in thecultural experience, fostering warm memories that resonate long after their visit.

Moreover, guests have the opportunity to explore a variety of enticing booths, such as52TOYS, 7CAFé by 7-Eleven, and Keepsake by GSC.

“From the innovative figurine at52TOYS to the home brand delights of 7CAFé by 7-Eleven, and the cherishedkeepsakes at Keepsake by GSC, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy. All theexclusive offers, tantalising treats and unique finds are waiting to be discovered withinQuill City Mall KL,” said the mall.

“For fashion enthusiasts, the Trendy Street at the foyer walkway beckons with thecollections from renowned brands like Hush Puppies, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Crooperand Nerdunit. Elevate your Hari Raya celebrations with stylish outfits and accessoriesthat radiating elegance and sophistication.”

And that is not all, every purchase made within the mall promises something rewarding,with an array of redemption gifts awaiting patrons – from exclusive Panda Roll Rayapackets to limited edition Panda Roll figurines, exclusive Panda Raya tiffin carriers,hamper sets and more.

The redemption details are: Spend RM150 (or RM250 at NSKGrocer)and above in a single receipt to earn one chance for the Rolling Raya lucky draw.

Spend RM300 (or RM400 at NSK Grocer) and above in a single receipt toreceive one chance for the Rolling Raya lucky draw and one unit of an exclusive Raya tiffin carrier.

“Come celebrate a Rolling Raya with us at Quill City Mall KL and enjoy enchantingperformances featuring ghazalinstrumental performance, Raya full band and Raya folk dance!”

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