Smooth traffic flow on several major highways

Smooth traffic flow on several major highways

KUALA LUMPUR: Traffic flow on several major highways was reported to be smooth as of 8 pm today, ahead of next week’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

A spokesperson from the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) said traffic flow at the Jalan Duta Toll Plaza (northbound) and Sungai Besi Toll Plaza (southbound) was reported to be under control while that at the Gombak Toll Plaza (East Coast-bound) showed a slight increase in the number of vehicles.

“So far, all highways are smooth-flowing, except in the southern part of the Peninsula which is slow due to the increased number of vehicles from Woodlands to the Sultan Iskandar Building CIQ, Johor.

“The Gombak Toll Plaza has seen an increase in traffic volume but is still smooth flowing,” he told Bernama today.

He added that traffic flow at the KL-Karak Expressway (KLK) and East Coast Highway 1 (LPT1) and LPT2 was also smooth, thus far.

“At the Bentong Toll Plaza, traffic is beginning to build up due to an increased number of vehicles, with the congestion stretching an estimated 200 metres East Coast-bound,” he said.

The PLUS Traffic update on its X account stated that a stalled vehicle on the highway had resulted in slower traffic flow.

“Beware! Bus stalled at Kilometre 258.2 southbound from Port Dickson to Senawang. Left lane is obstructed. Traffic is under control. Drive carefully,” PLUS said.


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