Marang prison releases 163 inmates through MADANI-Ihsan programme

Marang prison releases 163 inmates through MADANI-Ihsan programme

MARANG: Today marked a profoundly joyous occasion for 163 inmates at Marang Prison as they were granted release under the MADANI-Ihsan release programme, coinciding with this year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Terengganu Prisons director, Hamid Taha, stated that these inmates were convicted of minor crimes such as trespassing, possessing small amounts of drugs, and breaching restricted areas.

He clarified that all of them would be monitored and required to report according to the schedule set by the prison authorities.

“This release is to allow them (the inmates) to reintegrate into society before being released at the end of their actual sentence period.

“We hope they will seize this opportunity with full repentance and gratitude to become better individuals,“ he said during his visit to Marang Prison today.

Hamid noted that the licensed release also enables these inmates to secure employment, thus laying the groundwork for a better and more assured future.

He also highlighted that the department has secured jobs for the inmates in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, animal husbandry, and animal food production with a minimum monthly salary of RM1,500.

“The youngest released inmate is 23 years old, while the oldest is 55. They still have a long future ahead of them. Opportunities must be provided for them to reintegrate into the community and build a new life alongside their families,“ he said.

He added that all inmates are allowed visitors on the third day Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


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