Unexpected flash floods cause Melaka residents to suffer various losses

Unexpected flash floods cause Melaka residents to suffer various losses

MELAKA: An unexpected flash flood that hit Kampung Bukit Balai in Durian Tunggal here has resulted in various losses for affected residents following over two hours of heavy rain yesterday afternoon.

Resident Idah Borhan, 48, shared that she and her family went to celebrate Hari Raya at her mother’s house in Kampung Bukit Meta, Telok Mas and only learnt of the flood when her sister-in-law phoned her with the bad news.

“The weather during noon yesterday was hot and I didn’t expect a flood would happen… when I returned home I found it was flooded with water as high as 0.6 metres and I was unable to save a single thing or important document.

“This is very unlike previous situations when I was prepared and tidied up my important stuff and placed them in a higher spot, but I accept what has happened and view it as a test,” she told reporters at the Balai Raya Bukit Balai relief centre here today.

Fellow evacuee, Anis Syazwani Rashid, 26, said the flash flood had hit her husband’s barber shop, causing damage to several electrical appliances.

Her entire family, including her two-month-old baby, were at the same relief centre and would return home today to begin clean up work.

“Even though I’m tired and sad seeing so much stuff damaged, we accept this situation and will take around a week to clean things up.

“I do hope that the authorities will channel whatever aid to my husband as he’s the sole breadwinner,” she said.

Flood victim Fauziah Samat,46, tried to look on the brighter side of things, saying that there must be a reason behind this situation.

She had intended to cook and entertain her relatives who came over to her house yesterday but felt worried and cancelled her plans when she saw yesterday’s heavy downpour.

“My two children who are supposed to be in school today needed to stay at home to help with the clean up,” she added.


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