Religious Minister calls for calm in Malaysia’s Israel boycott

Religious Minister calls for calm in Malaysia’s Israel boycott

PETALING JAYA: Religious Affairs Minister, Datuk Na’im Mokhtar, has urged for moderation in the ongoing boycott of brands linked to Israel.

While expressing support for the Palestinian cause, he cautioned against “excessive and extreme” actions that could disrupt national unity, according to Free Malaysia Today.

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Na’im’s call come after reports of harassment and threats targeting customers of certain fast-food chains.

This includes a recently reported incident in Kuantan involving a family threatened with violence at McDonald’s outlet leading to the arrest of five individuals.

Moreover, a Starbucks outlet in Tawau was also reportedly vandalised with pro-Palestinian graffiti.

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Condemning the plight of Palestinians, Na’im also highlighted the need for Malaysians to remain ethical and maintain social harmony despite the boycott movement.

He encouraged Malaysians to seek guidance from state Islamic authorities to ensure their actions align with Islamic teachings and promote societal peace.

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