Labuan Immigration nabs 52 illegal immigrants in crackdown operations

Labuan Immigration nabs 52 illegal immigrants in crackdown operations

LABUAN: The Labuan Immigration Department has detained 52 illegal immigrants from January to April 30 this year through a series of operations targeting various hot spots across the duty-free Island said its director Raymond Entalai.

“The illegal immigrants, predominantly Filipinos and Indonesians, were found to lack valid travel documents, possessing expired social visit passes and lacking work permits,” he told Bernama today.

He said the department’s vigilant efforts have led to the identification and detention of individuals flouting immigration laws and also highlighted the significance of public cooperation in facilitating the department’s operations.

“The success of our operations was following public tip off…throughout the four-month period, a total of 833 individuals were screened, with only a small fraction found to be in violation of immigration regulations,” he said.

In addition to the arrests, Raymond said 18 foreign nationals had opted for the Migrant Repatriation Programme (PRM), among them 15 are Filipinos, including one child, and three Pakistanis.

He said the Labuan Immigration Department remains committed to ensuring the integrity of the island’s immigration system and would continue to conduct rigorous operations to address illegal immigration activities.


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