Pay hike ‘a genuine effort’

Pay hike ‘a genuine effort’

PETALING JAYA: While some may view the decision to increase the minimum income for civil servants as “populist”, in truth, it is merely a step to address their long-standing financial struggles, said International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) political analyst Syaza Shukri.

“Some may call (prime minister) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s move a populist one to win Malay votes, but I see it as a genuine effort to improve the lives of those who serve the country.

“There may be some rotten apples, but most civil servants work diligently and often sacrifice their comfort for the betterment of society.

“Providing them with an adequate income acknowledges their dedication and enhances their morale and productivity,” she said.

Syaza was commenting on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Labour Day announcement that civil servants will receive their highest-ever pay rise of over 13%.

Those in the lowest salary scale will get a total income including allowances of at least RM2,000 per month from the current RM1,795.

In his announcement, Anwar said: “A new criteria and measurement will be introduced. The minimum overall income including allowances will be RM2,000.”

He added that the newly revised salary scheme for civil servants will be implemented this December although it was originally scheduled for implementation in January next year.

Syaza said last month, Anwar announced that the government would explore options and take steps to raise civil servants’ salaries by the end of this year.

“Anwar said a positive update would be shared in the coming months, and even suggested it might be announced during Budget 2025 at the latest.

“Surprisingly, within just a month, we receive this good news. It has brought great joy to civil servants. Investing in their welfare is equal to investing in the future prosperity of our nation.”

Syaza said by ensuring civil servants are fairly compensated, we should expect to see improved efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of public services, which will ultimately benefit all Malaysians.

She added that while government expenditure will rise because of the move, it is an investment and, hopefully, civil servants will not demand additional bonuses for “Hari Raya” and other celebrations.

Meanwhile, the Congress of the Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) has expressed relief and gratitude for the remuneration and benefits for civil servants.

Its general secretary Abdul Rahman Mohd Nordin said Cuepacs sees the new pay system as a major milestone.

“This is a major step in helping civil servants with our monetary needs. This change is a win for the labour movement and makes things fairer for those who work for the country.

“Spanning nearly two decades, Cuepacs has worked hard to get better pay and benefits for civil servants, and we are glad that our efforts are finally recognised and appreciated by the government.”

Abdul Rahman assured the public that the enhanced remuneration package will boost the civil servants’ dedication and commitment to provide better services.


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