Brazil committed to work with Malaysia’s JAKIM in halal development

Brazil committed to work with Malaysia’s JAKIM in halal development

KAZAN: Brazil’s halal certification body Fambras Halal is optimistic that Malaysia will always be the leader in halal industry globally.

Fambras Halal International Relations Director Nizar El Ghandour said Fambras’ journey in the halal industry started with the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) in 1979.

“Jakim did a great job in halal development and invested a lot in the halal industry not only in slaughtering.

“Congratulations to Malaysia in the quality of audit you are doing. We (Fambras) will always be partners with Malaysia,” he said when met at Malaysia’s pavillion at the Russia-Islamic World KazanForum 2024 here Wednesday.

According to the information displayed at the Malaysian Pavillion in KazanForum 2024, as at Nov 9, 2023 Jakim’s Halal Management Division has recognised 86 foreign halal certification bodies from 48 countries around the world.

Fambras Halal is the biggest certifier of halal products and services in Latin America, and it was the pioneer in implementing the halal system in Brazil.

Now Fambras serves the Brazil, Colombia and Paraguay market in the Latin American continent.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Khairul Firdaus Akhbar Khan when met after inaugurating the Malaysian pavilion at KazanForum said Malaysia’s participation this time was to explore potential cooperation in agriculture, tourism, trade and various other opportunities.

He said the interest of the Muslim community in Kazan in the halal industry is wide and not only from the point of view of food but also in hospitality and tourism.

“Malaysia can do a lot of strategic cooperation with the Muslim community in Kazan and other forum participant countries, especially in terms of knowledge sharing,“ said Khairul Firdaus who is leading the Malaysian delegation to the forum.

Among the Malaysian products promoted at the Malaysian Pavillion at KazanForum were orchid products from OrchidMas Sdn Bhd, various types of sambal (chili condiment) from 3 Bumi Sdn Bhd and snacks made of local pineapples.


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